HTML5 Digital Magazine Software to Create Interactive Digital Online Publications

PUB HTML5 Digital Magazine Software Build stunning, interactive and shoppable digital catalogs, lookbooks, magazines through the most customizable digital publishing software in the world; Auto-optimize for web, smartphones, tablets, and Facebook. HTML5 technology features full enriched cross-platform compatibility, so none of your readers are left behind. With the rapid development of technology, more and more people prefer to get the information online than paper Newspaper and TV. However, thanks to the HTML5 technology, people can exchange and get the information easier and quicker through browsing website and social media sites on tablet and smartphone and so on. 

PUBHTML5 is outstanding digital magazine software to create HTML5 online publication. Because of the HTML5, digital online publication powered by PUB HTML5 can be viewed on PC, tablet, smartphone, notebook etc. smoothly and clearly.

In general, there are four steps to convert PDF, MS Office and Images to digital magazine. Firstly, sign up and log in PUB HTML5 and make sure you have the permission to convert Office and images; secondly, import file to digital magazine; thirdly, enrich HTML5 digital magazine; fourthly publish it online or offline. Let’s know more outstanding features of PUB HTML5.


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