Free HTML5 Flipbook Software – Create stunning online flipbooks from PDF.

NO specific programming knowledge is needed to realize creating beautiful flipbook with PUB HTML5 Flipbook Software. The program is foolproof enough and you may grasp all the skills and personalize your own creation within minutes! The demo presentation contained in it helps you to perfect your designing! Your awesome digital brochure & flipbook will tremendously help you save your printing and distributing cost. Once you’ve created your project and published online, your clients will straight view your amazing brochure online without having them downloaded, which definitely improves the distributing efficiency! You may also chose to offline save your project and email it to specific individual. Your brochure will be compatible to almost all the electronic devices. Rich media embedded in your brochure can cause huge client engagements and greatly improve your client conversion rate! PUB HTML5 can be downloaded and installed on a PC or Mac computer. So that you can create as many publications as you want. The software makes it simple for you to control everything including the whole production. It’s easy to publish to your website, blog, USB drive, or CD/DVD, and to your iPad, iPhone, Android mobile device and Windows 8 phone and tablet. PUB HTML5 has over 80+ features! We’ve put lots of creativity and effort into this update of our flipbook software and have included stunning features loaded for everyone. Your flipping book can include social media integration, design branding, rich media audio and video, statistic and analytic report to track your readers, subscription management, publication protection, offline versions and much more!



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