Free HTML5 Flip Book Maker – Convert Adobe PDF to html5 flipping book with page-turning effect!

Free HTML5 Flip Book Maker – Convert Adobe PDF to html5 flipping book with page-turning effect!

Use PUB HTML5 to create and publish flip books and create eBooks, magazines, brochures, and catalogs, etc

A lot of factors that PUB HTML5 create reach viewers not that effectively. First of all, it does not have convenient navigation that enables viewers to straight turn to the part they expect to read. Besides, people cannot straight read your page flip brochure before they have it downloaded. What’s more, we always prefer digital books with realistic page-flip effects. Finally, PDF brochure cannot be effectively distributed. PUB HTML5 creates your brochure that eliminates all the defects of PDF files. It makes thorough and intuitive free flip book maker. People can easily access to the information simply by flipping the pages. You may also embed audios, videos, hyperlinks to prefect your brochure so as to achieve huge viewing engagements.

So PUB HTML5 is a perfect free flip book maker to create and publish digital HTML5 page-flipping magazines, brochures, catalogs, flyers, presentations, e-books, newspapers, photo albums, etc. that are available across desktop, tablets and mobile devices. Readers just need to click the flip button to turn pages or make the flipbook auto flip, instead of scrolling up and down to navigate through the PDF files. Thumbnails window allows readers to quickly scan the flipping book.


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