PUB HTML5 – Make Html5 Shopping Catalog for Online Store

PUB HTML5 – create a completely new digital platform that realizes huge client engagements for your online business.

A New Digital MarketPlace!

PUBhtml5 is the very program that not only enables you to create riveting digital catalog that brings unrivalled viewing experience, but allows you to build a marketplace that causes huge customer engagements. Multiple custom setting tools are available for you to self design your own exclusive digital market place. We believe the idea that once you get the program, you get the only privilege to design your own digital catalog with no trace of the program maker at all. You would be a super designer with nearly no computer literacy needed. You may choose from the various templates offered and the set the best one as your background image. When clients enjoy viewing your digital catalog, they can pick items straight from your digital catalog without steering into your web store. This new mode of e-commerce will definitely turn out to be more effective and powerful than traditional ones on achieving business orders.

Create Mesmerizing Digital Catalog That Brings Tremendous Client Engagements!

PUBhtml5 creates gorgeous digital catalog that is not only applicable to your PC, but can be applied to many other mobile devices such as IPAD, Iphone, android, kindled fire to meet the demand of different users. People may enjoy viewing your mesmerizing digital catalog and have an amazing shopping experience wherever they are and whenever they want. This functionality allows users to enlarge the scale of their potential clients as much as possible. More importantly, rich media embedding tools can be well used to perfect your creation. You may add audios, YouTube videos, hyperlinks, images to achieve tremendous customer engagements. Your digital catalog will have extremely highclients conversion rate due to the multiple rich media embedded. Now grasp the chance to rock your business!


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