PUB HTML5 – Create HTML5 interactive publications for tablets

Create HTML5 interactive publications for tablets

The all-in-one digital publishing solution to publish HTML5 mobile-ready catalogs, magazines, brochures, eBooks and booklets.

All-in-one Digital Publisher to Create HTML5 Based Interactive Publications for Tablets & Mobile

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of digital publishing tools that will enable you to publish digital publications. However, many of them fail to meet your requirement of creating nice-looking publications, or reaching your prospects and readers who prefer mobile reading because of flash. But you will never regret stopping by because Pub HTML5 can solve all above problems.

Non-Flash, Mobile-ready

Developed based on HTML5 and CSS3 technology, Pub HTML5 will enable you to make your digital publication seamless on tablets and other mobile devices. You and your readers will no longer encounter the problem of forced installation of flash tools.

User Friendly

Powerful as it is, this digital publishing software will never embarrass you with so many practical features. Still, you can create, design and publish wonderful HTML5 digital publications with great ease. It is just a 3-step operation: Import file, customize publication, and publish.


Highly Customizable for Interactive

And to help you make your digital publication more attractive, Pub HTML5 provides you with a series of custom settings, including Page Editor and Animation Editor that allow you to enrich the publication with multimedia. In addition, the pre-designed templates of different style will cater to your different uses.




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