Free Flipping Book Publisher – Create cool flip books from PDF in seconds

Why PUB HTML5 Flipping Book Publisher?

PUB HTML5 is a Flipping Book Publisher software for digital catalogs, brochures, magazines, reports, and other printed material. PUB HTML5 allows you to create unlimited page flip effect publications to easily distribute via websites, email, and social media. PUB HTML5 allows you to fully customize the look and feel of your digital publication by adding your logo, choosing your preferred colors, background, video, audio, visual page transitions, and buttons. With PUB HTML5 every edit, change, or update is in your control. You create it and you host it.

PUB HTML5 provides you with a license that will last a lifetime, unlimited publishing for your company, and tablet and smart phone viewing. Your page flip publication can be created in HTML5 and flash making it viewable across all digital platforms. This enables users on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices to enjoy a rich viewing experience. Your readers can view your online publication anywhere, anyplace regardless of what device they use… Promotion and sell product by PDF always cannot reach the goal of our expectations. Why? 

The most obvious is that the page of PDF is static, while we cannot show a full range of our product information on static page. If they cannot learn more comprehensive information, why they choose you? And not all the readers can open and then view your PDF format magazine on their mobile phone or tablet. This will make you lose a large number of mobile phone users. 

What’s more, if your PDF has too many pages, the size of the PDF can be quite large. This means people need more time to download PDF file before reading. If someone is interested in your magazine but have no enough time to download the PDF file, you may lose a reader, even a customer. 

So, how to improve these situation and then increase the volume of sales? PUB HTML5 provides the digital publishing solution for you to convert PDF into digital interactive content. Digital interactive content, including digital magazines, photo albums, catalogs and e-books, is online magazine which can be read on iPad, iPhone, PC and Mac, all Browsers supported. People can directly browse your magazine without download any file, save time and money.

The most important is that you can embed rich-media into PDF pages, such as YouTube video, link, button, hot-spot and photo slideshow. Once done, PDF will no longer be a static page, it become vivid and interactive. YouTube video and photo slideshow can show your product in the round. Link, hotspot and button help you to inspire people to purchase. 

Tell product story by Free Flipping Book Publisher and enhance the brand experience of readers can no longer be easier.


Free FlipBook Creator – Create online html5 flipbooks from PDF

PUB HTML5 allows you to build stunning html5 @ jquery flip books for both online and offline use in minutes. PUB HTML5 page flip engine – the best way to create digital editions such as any type of publications, magazines, brochures and catalogs. PUB HTML5 is committed to providing customized digital publishing software solutions that best suit your needs. 

Using a free flip book creator can be a great way to promote your business or to improve readership for an existing magazine. Now that many people have a Kindle or smartphone, reading an online magazine has never been easier. Reading an online magazine can be preferable to reading print publications, because one does not have to carry around heavy magazines or books.

All one needs is his or her e-reader, smartphone or laptop to access an online magazine. With PUBHTML5, you can have access to all of the tools that you need to create a free flip book. This website offers easy-to-use technology to help you convert a PDF file into an online magazine. All it takes is two minutes of your time to convert a PDF into a flippable online magazine.

As the popularity of iPhone and iPad, mobile reading has been widespread in our life. While waiting for the bus or lineup, people are accustomed to read news or catalog to pass the time. So many people see the business opportunities: mobile content marketing. What is it? That is to pass product info and even guide people to purchase your product by digital catalog. At present, there is less competition in the mobile content marketing, if you also want to entry this marketing, you had better start early. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm.

PUB HTML5 is free flipbook creator software which helps you to better capture mobile marketing. You can easily convert PDF to flipbook in few steps with the help of this software. Once published, the digital catalog can be read on mobile, tablet and computer directly, without need to install Readers or tools.

iPad Digital Publishing Software for creating HTML5 digital flipbook

PUB Html5 is the leading cloud-based HTML5 solution that turns print into interactive award-winning tablet and smartphone experiences. Create superior digital experiences that inspire and entertain. The enhanced interactive content means readers can jump right in, while sharing and tagging options embrace the social experience creating customer rapport with your brand. PUB Html5 is an offline digital publishing software designed to turn static PDF documents to dynamic digital publications, digital magazines and digital catalogs. Nothing could be difficult for you to finish the process of conversion. It enables you to create four different formats of flipping book: html, app, exe and zip. We know that iPad does not support Adobe Flash. This means you cannot play games, videos and digital books (which are based on flash) on iPad. As technology advanced, HTML5 technology now is popular with developers. In order to let the users get a better experience, more developers use HTML5 to create video, games and digital book, instead of using Adobe Flash. This paper will introduce a digital publishing solution, learn this paper, you can know how to make HTML5 based digital book.

PUB HTML5 is iPad Digital Publishing software which provides you for digital publishing solution. You can import your static PDF file into this software. And then after published, you can get a HTML5 online digital ebook, which can be read on iPad easily and directly. So PUB Html5 is a great example of Publishing Software For IPad. With an easy to use interface, no software to install and quick response time Publishers can deliver dedicated applications to App Store and Android market in a matter of minutes. PUB Html5 is free to try and no long-term commitment is necessary.

Online Magazine Publishing Software to iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire & Android.

PUB HTML5 Online Magazine Publishing Software – Compatible with almost all the main stream mobile devices

PUB HTML5 Publish stunning digital magazines from your static PDF publications in minutes. Enhance your audience’s experience with page flip animation, video, audio, social sharing, responsive content and much more. PUB HTML5 offers a complete publishing solution for native iOS and Android devices. An App of your publication and content allow your readers to access the material when and where it suits them. With the growing number of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, why limit your audience? Create content that works for everyone with digital magazine software. With PUB HTML5 you can easily create the most stunning digital publications and share them with the world online. Beside PC, PUB HTML5 is also designed to be able to create digital magazine publications that are system friendly to the main stream mobile devices to meet the demand of different users. Ipad, iphone, kindle fire, Android, whatever, PUBhtml5 enables everyone to have a fabulous digital magazine viewing experience. Wherever you are, you may use your mobile devices to enjoy all different kinds of magazine based on PUBhtml5, including digital catalogs, digital books, digital magazines, and digital images etc. 

PUB HTML5 provides digital magazine publishing software for digital editions and mobile apps. PUB HTML5 takes PDFs and turns them into viewable formats online. Our multi-channel approach is available to audiences in digital, on the web, and through mobile, providing readers and advertisers a modern experience. Wheather you want a amzaing personal reading experience on your moble devices, or you intend to apply your digital publications for commercial use, it’s got to be PUB HTML5. Since its publications are applicable to all different kinds of electronic devices, your publications may reach a wide range of different kinds of people thus tremendously boost your potential customers. Multiple methods are available for you to online or offline publish your creation on your mobile devices. Try this magazine publishing software.


Free Online PDF to HTML5 Converter, convert pdf to html5 flip book

PUB HTML5 automatically converts your legacy content to rich and interactive eBooks. Add interactivity, audios, videos, documents, HTML activities, assessments and more to provide a rich reading experience to your readers. PUB HTML5 enables you to convert your content only once and publish them to multiple platforms like iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets, PC/Mac and industry standard formats like HTML5 and MOBI. For PUB HTML5, the operating steps of creating fabulous digital magazines are foolproof ones. We extol minimum efforts and maximum outputting effects. Just follow the right procedures of the software, and you can totally customize your own digital magazine on your IPAD. After you have converted your PDF files, with multiple Custom Setting buttons, you get the privilege to design your own digital magazines .You may chose the template you prefer; change the background image; insert rich media including audios, video, images; add links, etc. The whole process can be easily achieved within minutes. Converting your PDFs into HTML5 in order to create iPad magazines can be a simple and worthwhile experience following the right procedures. This video provides you with a step by step procedure on how to create iPad magazines from the very beginning.

Even though the PDF is great for posting reading documents like manuals on a website, it can sometimes annoy and even deter your viewers. Public or shared computers may not have a PDF viewer installed or downloading a PDF might not agree with a user’s browsing habits. In order to make material in a PDF more accessible to others, converting your PDF to HTML5 file may be an alternative to consider. You can convert PDF to HTML5 free by using the Export tool in PUB HTML5. This option lets you perform different types of on-the-fly PDF conversions. After you have personalized your digital creation by using PUB HTML5 on your PC, you may easily preview your digital work on your IPAD or any other electronic devices. You may simply refer to the URL in the right corner of the interface, then open it directly in your IPAD web browser. For more help, you may click the HOW TO PREVIEW in IPAD notion, and you’ll get message tips that help you preview your digital publication based on your PC on IPAD. It is a wonderful pdf to html5 converter.

Free Html5 Magazine Maker – Create Perfect Online interactive Magazines for All Devices

PUB HTML5 is a HTML5 based digital magazine publishing platform for publishing interactive books & magazines on iPad & iPhone using simply open web standards. PUB HTML5 has created the next generation HTML5 digital edition solution-called HTML5 Magazine Maker that enables us to create and deliver rich interactive versions of your favorite print editions, without compromising quality. A publication created with our system still delivers full size, full color pages with access anywhere! PUB HTML5 helps publishers & editors reach more people across every device & platform. The past few decades have witnessed great changes in our society and life. And thanks to the development of science and technology, our world has become “smaller” and information sharing has never been so easy and timely. You will know what has just happened or what is happening immediately even though you are on the other side of the world. And that was why publishers turned to digital publishing. PUB HTML5 is a unique, professional and flexible self-publishing software for creating digital and interactive magazines, catalogs, brochures, flipbooks, and other documents with animated page flip in HTML5 . PUB HTML5 ’s magazine publishing solution provides content owners with the ability to publish the web version of the printed title with exactly the same look as the printed version. We can then take your digital portrait of your newspaper and add interactive elements such: HyperlinksAnimation, videos, and sound effects; RSS to reach out to readers and inform them when digital editions are available or push other content; messaging; Rating


Being an effective solution to convey creative ideas and art skills of designers and promoting desire of business, digital magazine has gained its popularity in different fields. However, having professionals published a high quality digital magazine will have an impact on your budget, though you don’t have to spend too much on an adequate one.


But now, you don’t need to worry about the high cost for a digital magazine. PUB HTML5 will enable you to publish professional and outstanding digital magazines all by yourself. And to your great surprise, with this digital magazine publishing software, you will be able to create, design and publish the magazine without coding. On the contrary, you can publish the digital magazine within minutes.


On the other hand, this ‘html5 magazine maker provides with a set of design tools to make your digital magazine more professional and eye-catching. You can adorn the magazine with multiple templates of different style; enable feature buttons for readers’ easy navigating through the magazine; enrich the magazine with interactive experience by embedding dynamic multimedia element like offline video, YouTube, Vimeo, sound, image slideshow, and even shopping items.


Pub HTML5 explains what a digital magazine should be like and could be like.

PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker – Free Online Brochure Creator

PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker Transform static PDFs into engaging online brochures. Your publications on PC, Mac, iOS & Android. Reach more people with desktop- and mobile-friendly catalogs. If you want to make your brochure accessible to a wider audience by converting it into a digital format then you have come to the right place. By simply uploading your PDFs into our easy-to-use portal you can re-create your brochure into a digital version that can be viewed across desktop devices or across mobile and tablet devices. PUB HTML5 Digital Brochure Maker can also create an app for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire devices much like the Sunvil example below. As the arrival of the era of paperless, people’s reading way is changed. Instead of traditional paper book, now most people prefer to read ebook on their PC, Mac, iPad and mobile phone. As long as the local network coverage, people can free to read digital books of interest, no matter what place, such as office/mall restaurant/family housing. If you are a publisher, if you want to reduce the cost of print and supports environment protection, you can consider making digital book, instead of printing brochure.

To making digital brochure, you still need to prepare the imported PDF file. But you donot need to print, just use PUB Digital Brochure Maker to convert PDF into sliding digital brochure, for mobile phone and computer reading. The whole conversion process is independent and effective, without need to use any other software.

How can I make digital brochure with PUB HTML5? I have no idea about flash or coding. Don’t worry. Apply PUB HTML5 to make your book and then you will find it is nothing.